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We Help You Build Better Joint Health + Movement Metabolically, for Longevity.
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Our Joint Health And Longevity Approach
Your Personal Metabolic Needs Defined. Learn about your specific protein, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Discover how to effectively meet your body's requirements for the biggest impact. No more guessing.
Develop Optimal Joint Motion.
Update your approach with new research driven tools and strategies that are proven to make progress.
Develop Controlled Movement. Programming designed for effective neurological control, joint capsule activation and beyond. Build strength from your foundation first.
Unlock Your Optimal Metabolic and Joint Health
Redefine Your Expectations Through Personalization.
Wellnes|Savvy is not for...
Individuals who have an acute injury looking for a diagnosis or a treatment plan.
Individuals who do NOT want to actively participate in their program.
Individuals who do NOT want to invest in themselves to feel better as they age. 
Individuals who are NOT interested in using new strategies and unique ideas.
Here's what Others Have to Say...
"Dr. McNally brings a unique perspective."
As an avid endurance athlete, my body undergoes a lot of stress and I have had my fair share of visits to various doctors. However, Dr. McNally brings a unique perspective. What sets her apart is her ability to tell the true story behind my experience.

She takes the time to understand my situation and provides me with tactical strategies and actions to take on a daily and long-term basis to offset any discomfort and prevent future injury.

But what really impressed me was her positive attitude and the smile she has on her face the whole time. It's clear that she genuinely cares and wants to help you lead a healthy, active life.

I highly recommend Doctor McNally to anyone looking to understand their unique needs.

"l feel like I completely changed the way I move."
Whole body stiffness was preventing me from getting back to exercise the way I wanted without causing back, hip and knee pain. My customized plan addressed my developing metabolic syndrome that was causing excessive tightness.

I had no idea what a big deal this was until I stopped waking up so stiff everyday! 

I had a small amount of arthritis in my knee and was told it wasn't bad, but pain was preventing me from doing lunges, squatting, and running. I needed to change way I moved so I got focused on The Foot Ankle Knee playbook.

I went from no lunging or squatting because of pain to doing that and Bulgarian split squats with no pain! In a few months I feel like I've completely changed the way I move, my body feels so much better.

This is real prevention!

"I'm obsessed with figuring out better solutions!"
Hey! I'm Dr. Ellen McNally and I'm obsessed with finding better, more efficient ways for you to progressively move better and feel better over time. I love researching and problem solving challenges to support individuals in finding the most comprehensive solutions.

Even while I was in chiropractic school, saving my money to attend Active Release Technique certification courses before I even graduated, I was driven by the desire to find a better way. Ever evolving I always enjoy learning new approaches to improve outcomes, I have extensive experience in not only corrective functional movement but also related health topics.

Comprehensive Programming
  • Access programming from your phone with our app, or from your computer.
  • Video Guided Self Assessments with progress tracking
  • Advanced joint mobilization and strengthening programs tailored to your needs
  • Video guided playbooks for efficient, focused movement correction and injury prevention, from the inside out and the ground up
  • Focus on your individual metabolic needs
  • Special Livestream Trainings
  • Monthly Ask Me Anything group calls
  • 15% Off Supplements and training tools
  • Dedicated community support with Dr. McNally, for each area of focus through the programming. Set notifications for only what you want to receive.
  • Special trainings focused on gut health, stress reduction, meditation, and sleep.
Wellness Audit
Get expert guidance on your progress. Tell us your goals and what you've been doing. We'll give you ideas for your next best steps in reaching your wellness goals. 
Metabolic Testing
Metabolomics + GI Spotlight functional wellness tests provide an in-depth view of the function of your unique biochemistry and metabolism as well as in-depth look into the health of your gut microbiome.
Premium Support
Get objective personalized recommendations that are tailored to your needs. Receive 15% Off our premium Designs for Health nutritional supplements.
Programming focused on getting you results you need with focused support directly from Dr. McNally and the amazing community to help you along the way. 
Are you ready for a better experience?
12 Month Premium
Comprehensive Wellness + Longevity Programming
Customized programming and directives based on your metabolic signature and specific needs. Regular communications, assessments, and support. Know what to do, when to do it, and why. 
Do It Yourself
Effective Wellness + Longevity Programming, Self Directed 
Video guided playbooks and self assessments. Learn how you can effectively reach your best with monthly group calls and harnessing the power of community support.
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